Problems have a way of presenting themselves in which they gather support along the way and make the problem larger than it needs to be.

Problems hold hands with other problems. (This comes from the Law of Attraction). Like a snowball growing in size as it rolls down the hill. Just like complaining about the traffic or moaning about the weather.

If we were to approach the issue Consciously we would decide what the issue was and set about stopping or changing it. Right?

Though actually the more we talk about it the more we reinforce the pattern. It’s like planting a seed and nurturing it.

Breaking that loop is not as easy as it seems… Besides we get to moan about it with our work mates and friends. A good thing “Right”?

When we have finished the conversation ask yourself: have you achieved something?

What would happen if this problem was attacked Unconsciously?

The feedback loop would not get the chance to strengthen. The conversation would take a completely different direction. Perhaps an Opportunity may arise. This in itself would have a dramatic effect on you, as the problem would no longer be one.

Therefore if one approached things differently then it wouldn’t be the trained response we were used to. And we all know that if we practice… then Practice makes Perfect.


Good – because confusion leads to the conscious mind chucking the towel in. Therefore the unconscious gets the chance to rise to the challenge and provide the answer / Alternative Solution, thus you feel better.

Some wear their problems like a badge of honour. That’s OK for some, but do you really want to get the Milking Stool out?

Imagine… (we can all imagine)…

Imagine if you could head off those thoughts before they got the chance to take hold.

They say thoughts come before the action.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the upper hand and stop that bad behaviour in its tracks.

Whether you choose Hypnotherapy, Mantras Mindfulness, or NLP… all roads lead to Rome.

Get that Junk out of your Trunk and be the High Performance vehicle you were designed to be.

Red Sports Car on Road

Still Confused?

Great – turn that Problem into an Opportunity and give us a call.

Take the wheel and point yourself in the right direction.

Not only can we give you a tune up, we can get you back in control.

** Traffic Chaos photo courtesy of Techinasia’s Facebook article “Creative ways to turn India’s traffic chaos in to business opportunities”.