T.I.P. – is what we in the Hypnosis Industry like to call the Trance of Infinite Possibilities.

Infinite Possibilities

Imagine, as we can all imagine, peering out of a rabbit’s hole.

The world inside the burrow has a very small perspective and the view from the inside may seem the same.

But as we get closer to the outside world, things take on a whole other perspective. This is very much like the T.I.P.

As we explore Trance we often discover there are so many things we never noticed before… or even imagined and when we think of what those things have to do with what we are working on, our wonderful unconscious mind starts to put the pieces of that puzzle together.

So now you have to let your imagination run just like when you were a kid.

But don’t go just yet.

Feel that chair beneath you and know that you are safe.

There you go… that’s it… all the way…