New York Cityscape

When you take a seat: what choice would you make and how did You come up with that choice?

Positional advantage in the room… Did you know that is why King Arthurs table was round? To give everyone an equal advantage.

Are you looking for a Position of Power or Strength? Are you seeking a Position of Comfort?
Do you choose to:

• Face a corner or a window?
• Face the door or in a way to perhaps capture someone’s undivided attention?
• Position yourself so your view of the show is uninterrupted or so you can see clearly without craning your neck or twisting in your chair?

Whether is in the Board Room, Lecture Theatre, in a car, on the train or on the Bus the seat YOU take will put you in a place that is Preferential or Detrimental to your wellbeing.

Do you sit up the front so you can open up your peripheral vision and maximise all you take in?

Do you sit so you can join in or participate or escape easily?

Would the middle be more your thing?

Do you choose a position so you are still able to hear what is said but not feel pressured in standing up and actively participating?

Are you Down the Back (with the Hecklers and Naughty Kids or the ones who just want sleep as they didn’t want to really be there?) Or is it maybe just so you can stand up and stretch your legs?

One thing is for Certain.

You have a choice.

You have the ability to not only participate but add value to your meeting, catch up, training session or consultation.
Questioning your choice and exploring it can change the way you view your situation and the situation relative to others. Questioning engages both parts of your mind and evokes change.

Change can be uncomfortable, yet there is a hidden Gem. With discomfort or confusion comes growth and understanding. A reframe or a different view can be all that is required to be the best you can be.

Enjoy the ride and leave the white knuckles behind.