The DMI (Dynamic Mental Imagery) as we call it, is a fabulous tool for the Hypnotherapist to use.

Imagery in HypnotherapyWith the understanding that the unconscious mind is infinitely more powerful than the conscious mind, it makes perfect sense to utilise what we find in trance and explore what the client can learn from what they discover, and how that can bring the change that they were looking for and more.

Just as we accumulate frequent flier points or bonus points when we shop, similarly everytime we experience trance we find it easier. And when the unconscious mind goes about solving the puzzle, we often finds that something else has been solved too.

How amazing is that?

Not only have we solved a problem – but received a bonus too!

Quite often the client’s conscious mind will try and steer the session. This is where The Hypnotherapist weaves his/her magic.

Students often ask “what happens if my client gets upset or sees something in trance that is extremely unpleasant or frightening?” The Hypnotherapist will work with the client and help them through the reaction to achieve the desired outcome. Abnormal reactions (AB Reactions) occur from time to time and a skilled hypnotherapist will guide the client safely through the experience to achieve a great result.

When trainers teach a subject they quite often use a mnemonic device or a memory key to assist the student with their learning. For example when we learn first aid we use DrsABCD:

Send for Help

In the Hypnotherapy world we have similar acronyms:

…and more.

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