According to the Iceberg principle there is approximately 7/8ths below the surface. If we were to look at ourselves and our mind in the same way we would discover the ratio is about the same.

For it has been said that the conscious mind has a lot less Horsepower than the Unconscious mind.

When we look at the list of attributes that the conscious mind has, we see our wonderful daytime brain does plenty of things for us: eating, drinking, talking, protecting, conversing, working, planning, running, walking, talking, riding, driving, surfing and all of the stuff we like to do…

I guess, the easy stuff.

When it comes to our amazing unconscious mind we find there are some major differences:

It works 24/7
It Learns
It regulates our heartbeat, blood pressure, auto immune system, grows our hair, mends our cuts, blinks our eyes, makes the tears fall, tells us when to eat drink, and monitors all the stuff the daytime brain thinks it has under control; but does it?

Your Unconscious mind has been doing this since before you were born. It taught you what to do in order to eat, to crawl and then walk.

Like the conductor in a symphony orchestra the unconscious mind assembled all the muscles, ligaments and tendons – and had them work in perfect harmony to facilitate the movements to complete the task.

At the same time this was happening electrically; the memories were stored chemically to ensure the wheel didn’t have to be recreated. These tasks were performed without the understanding of a language or visual communication.

So I guess when it comes to having the right person for the job then we would choose the unconscious, right?

Not so.

Our Daytime Brain has the uncanny ability of bullying the unconscious mind to the point where it takes a back seat. The unconscious mind usually comes to the rescue when the conscious mind is really confused or in great peril.

Ever wondered why you get butterflies in your stomach before a speech or a presentation? Why your knees go weak?

What excuse has your daytime brain come up with to justify that behaviour?

How do we get to enlist the help of the Mind with All that Horsepower?

I guess we could talk to it but how do we know it is the unconscious we are talking to? Not just that daytime brain that doesn’t like to admit defeat and can’t stop interrupting.

The Unconscious mind speaks differently. It describes thing in a story like manner… almost child like in a way. After all we didn’t form the critical factor until we were about 8 or 9.

This is why kids think they are Superman and can jump off the garage roof.

Child Dressed as Superman

Then the daytime brain was formed and the poor unconscious had to go back in its box.

There is a way to talk to the unconscious that your hypnotherapist uses. It involves getting your:

Bypassing the conscious mind
Stimulating the unconscious
Utilising what the Unconscious gives
Reframing what has been given, and
Demonstrating the change has not only taken place but has been cemented in.

This may seem A.B.S.U.R.D. but it is part of the Hypnotherapist tool kit that enables him/her to help you to be the best you can be.

It has been said that in our DNA we have everything we need. So how do we find the answers if they are locked within?

Easy! Talk to the Boss: the Unconscious Mind.
Get together with a Hypnotherapist /Mentor.
Leave your Ego and your Bullshit filter at home.
Enjoy the experience and the better life that is ahead for you.

Until next time… be kind to your unconscious and make it your best friend – it has your back… and everything else.